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Welcome to the online home of Mistress Angel:

Mistress Angel is a Blonde Buxom Dominatrix sessioning out of The House Du Croix in Bristol in the South West of the UK.

Each session with Mistress Angel is unique, and depends upon many factors including the preferences of both Mistress and submissive, the submissive's history and its progress up to now, the time allotted for session duration, and of course, Mistress's whims...

Mistress enjoys a wide range of punishments and treatments and is always on the look out for something new to add to her already overflowing bag of wicked tricks, so please don't be afraid to ask for something that has not been mentioned in these pages.

Although asking for any sexual services will result in your immediate embarrassment and you shal be asked to leave...Paid up, or not.

So please take your time and peruse my site and if you think you're worthy drop me a line to arrange a session or join my members area and check out what it is you are missing...either way I hope you see you, there.

Mistress Angel

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