Goddess Qing
Goddess Qing


• Who are you and where were you born?
I am 100% Oriental and My family name can traced back BC, I was born in Asia and educated in China and abroad.  

• You look stunning in your picture, do you look like the same in life?
To most of you, I am the most stunning woman you can ever met both in daily life and fetish scene. My beauty, elegance and sensual power have inspired lots of people both in and out of the fetish scene. In fact photographers always regretted that their camera can not catch all My beauties.

• What a Model and a degree got to do with a Dominatrix?
Modeling enhances My appearance and performing nature, My degrees have deepened My intelligence .Both of these are important aspects of the person I am today. That is why I am different from others Mistresses. I turn Domination into an art far away from meaningless torture and yelling.

• You sound different, how did you start to become a Dom?
The Domination side is in My blood and My Chinese acient blood give Me a perfect sense of Domination and superiority. But I did not realize it until I met My first slave years ago, I was amazed by how comfortable and natural I felt and knew I had realized My destiny!.

• Can I owned by you, be your 24/7 in door slave?
slaves always ask Me this. And My answer is that you need to think about what the Mistresses needs from you rather than always thinking what you need from the Mistresses. Ownership involves a lot of responsibility for Her, and the majority who ask are selfish and useless.  Also, the slave needs to understand that ownership is for real not a fantasy and means a lot of hard work and sacrifices, it not an easy escape from life.

• How can I become one of your loyalty followers?
Show Me your devotion and obedience by visit Me regularly, express your appreciation by serve well and ask nothing in return. When I am pleased with you, you will then gain My respect and appreciation back.

• How to make a good impression in front of you?
Submission and respect are all I ask from you.

• What’s the difference between Oriental and Western Domination?
You may not be expected to bow before the Queen of England, but you will be executed if you raise  your head before an Oriental Queen! As for Me, you will find Me more feminine than most of the western ones, but inside I require more obedience from you.

Goddess Qing Goddess Qing Goddess Qing
  Goddess Qing
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Goddess Qing